Best Parking Near McCormick Place

July 5, 2018

Getting to McCormick Place is typically done by personal car or taxi, as it is not convenient for public transportation. The good news is that parking options are abundant including valet, garage, and even some free street parking! So, let us break all of your parking options down for you so you can travel to your event with ease and certainty!

McCormick Place – Free Parking

Free parking is not always the easiest to find and get. As it is first come, first serve, you’ll want to make sure you arrive well before your event or conference beings. Located from East 23rd down to East 24th Place, it’s between a 10-15 minute walk to McCormick Place.

Our advice: don’t expect it to be available, but do a quick drive-by on your way to the parking garage just to see if it is your lucky day.
Free Street Parking

Valet Parking

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place valet services, which are available to both hotel guests and McCormick Place attendees, will cost you a flat $51 per day.

The Marriot Marquis offers valet parking services at a better price. Their valet service range from $29 (9 hours or less) to $51 (for a full day), and is available for both guests and non-guests.

Lot A (shown below) is the garage used for all McCormick Place valet parking. When that garage is full, valet service is no longer available, so make sure to get to a busy convention early enough to avail this service.

McCormick Place – Lot A

If distance is your main concern, Lot A is about as close as you can get! With direct walk-ways to both McCormick Place and the Hyatt Regency, covered parking, and the only McCormick Place lot providing overnight parking, many attendees and hotel guests bite the bullet and pay the $23-$36 rate.
Lot A Parking

McCormick Place – Lot B

Lot B fees run slightly cheaper than Lot A, charging $15 for an all-day pass. This lot is huge as it’s an outdoor, on-the-ground lot with a capacity of 1,800 vehicles; so walking times to McCormick Place can vary from 10-15 minutes. Lot B is only open during event-hours, and there is no overnight parking nor the ability to leave and comeback using the same ticket.

Lot B Parking Mccormic

McCormick Place – Lot C (underground parking)

If you’re event takes place at McCormick Place Lakeside Center, Lot C holds a prime location. As an underground parking garage, Lot C has capacity for up to 1,900 vehicles and charges $23 for an all-day pass. Only open during event-hours, and just like Lot B, it doesn’t offer overnight parking nor the ability to leave and comeback using the same ticket.
Lot C Parking

McCormick Place – Dock Parking (load/unload)

If you’re an exhibitor in a McCormick Place event, you may be allowed to use their load & unload dock parking at no additional cost. In order to qualify, you must first check-in at the Marshalling Yard Office, be a registered exhibitor, and have a badge or ID. If a dock parking pass is admitted to you, you must drive with a second person in the car (as one of you needs to stay with the car, while the other unloads).

To read all the rules, regulations, requirements, and FAQs, they are listed here on the McCormick Place Website.

Soldier Field South Parking Lot

Soldier Field’s South Lot is another close-by option (about a 20 min walk). While it doesn’t provide overnight parking, an all-day pass runs about $22. Although their South Parking Lot is a relatively large space, on major event days the pricing goes up and finding a space can be quite the challenge. If you want to guarantee your parking spot, you may pre-pay for parking, here.
South Parking Lot

2101 South Michigan Ave – nearby self parking garage

This self park garage is the next best deal after free parking, especially if you only plan to stay at McCormick Place for a few hours. The rates range from $7 an hour to $20 for all-day/overnight parking, meaning you can save some serious cash if forced to pay to park.
Parking Michigan Avenue

Private Lots in the Neighborhood

The trusty parking app Spot Hero has plenty of options within a half mile.

Keep in mind that parking at Chicago hotels can run up to $62/day, so if you aren’t staying at a hotel that offers free parking, such as ours, you might be better off forgoing the car and just using Uber, Lyft, and taxis instead.

Our hotel, the Carlton Inn Midway, offers groups of 5 or more free shuttle service to McCormick Place when arranged in advance, with the manager’s approval and when traveling together.

Enjoy your next McCormick Place event!


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