7 Reasons Carlton Inn Midway Is Midway’s Best Hotel

June 30, 2017

As a 3-generation family of independent hoteliers, it is part of our responsibility to communicate the value we bring to the table, so that hotel guests can understand the superior offerings of our Midway Airport hotel.

As a point of comparison, there is a campus near Midway Airport – the Midway Hotel Center- with 10 hotels that play a crucial role in providing airport lodging for the hundreds of thousands of airport travelers that need rooms near Midway Airport every year. In general, they are solid hotels.

However, we at Carlton Inn Midway proudly offer competitive advantages that make our hotel the preferred choice of many Midway Airport travelers.



Midway Hotel Center’s shuttle runs on fixed schedules. This can leave you standing curbside at the airport or impatiently waiting for your ride to catch your flight.

Carlton Inn Midway provides a 24/7 Midway Airport shuttle service that fits your schedule. We act on demand, saving you from the unnecessary waiting of a fixed timetable. This allows you to spend less time waiting and no time worrying.

We also offer complimentary local shuttle service driving our guests to local restaurants, bars, and shops. We make it easy for anyone traveling without a car!



Midway Hotel Center is located in Bedford Park, IL. It is not connected to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train system. Therefore, to catch a ride into downtown or elsewhere in the city, you’ll need to first wait for the airport shuttle, navigate to the airport elevated train station, and then catch your ride to downtown.

Carlton Inn Midway is in Chicago. We are located just a block from the CTA Orange line elevated train that will connect you to the entire city for just a few bucks. Walk the block to the station, or if your feet are sore at the end of the day or the weather is inclement, request a complimentary shuttle ride.

Expect to save 45-minutes in transit time going from the Carlton Inn Midway into the city compared to the Midway Hotel Center. That is an hour and a half saved per round-trip – time better spent sipping a cocktail on the Hancock’s 96th Floor or on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.



Although located outside of the City of Chicago, the Midway Hotel Center describes itself as “perfectly situated for your next business trip or vacation.” As mentioned above, the CTA train transit times into the city increase by about 45 minutes per direction as compared to our hotel. And, there is no viable neighborhood near the hotel center, making visitors dependent on eating the campus’ limited food options and left without any shopping opportunities.

Located inside of the City of Chicago, the Carlton Inn Midway is a 14-minute drive (without traffic) into downtown. There are dozens of restaurants in our neighborhood and hundreds of stores & bars all within walking distance or by using our complimentary shuttle. We are in a stable and, ethnically diverse area, called Archer Heights, that is known for its second-generation Polish heritage.



Midway Hotel Center charges an extra $10/night (on top of your room rate) to park your car.

Carlton Inn Midway offers free guest parking.



Midway Hotel Center is located a few blocks from both The Belt Railway Company and Midway Airport. This leads to serious sound issues for guests. A local newspaper featured this story here on the Midway Hotel Center in June 2017.

Carlton Inn Midway is 1.7 miles from the airport and not near the rail yards. We have no chronic noise issues.



The Midway Hotel Center is run by a management company that has 165 branded properties in its management portfolio.

The Carlton Inn Midway is an unbranded property and managed by a Chicago family that has been in the hotel business for three generations. We hire and train with care to ensure the highest level of customer service. We see no reason that our humble Chicago motel shouldn’t provide the superior customer service typically found in 5-star properties because customer service doesn’t require high prices- it just takes a combination of professionalism and well-wishing. As our management truly cares about guest experiences, our entire team takes on that vision.



The Midway Hotel Center’s properties offer a variety of complimentary amenities. However, none include a full suite of them.

The Carlton Inn Midway offers complimentary breakfast, parking, wifi, airport shuttle, local area shuttle, premium movie channels, fitness center, and business center. For one price, you get it all!

There you have it- why our motel is Midway Airport’s Best Hotel!
We believe in value, quality, and service.
Come stay with us the next time life brings you to the great city of Chicago!

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