McCormick Place Coffee

August 13, 2018

McCormick Place events, while interesting, informative, and a great place to network, often are long days on your feet. They can tire anyone out. If you’re in need of a morning or mid-day energy boost, what’s better than a fresh cup of joe? McCormick Place provides plenty of Café options within their facility which are all fairly easy to access no matter where your event is.

So, next time you’re feeling that “2 o’clock crash,” here are the 4 great coffee shops in and around McCormick Place:

Located on the 2.5 level of the West Building, La Brea Bakery provides McCormick Place attendees with hot coffee and fresh pastries. As a “grab-n-go” market, La Brea Bakery is a convenient option for those in a hurry. Order your coffee plus a snack via one of their touch screen menus! Also, if you’re arriving early, La Brea might be your best bet as the rest of the foodcourt isn’t open for breakfast.

Cafe Market

23rd St. Café & Market provides a quick “grab-n-go” setup as well as a sit-down Café. This newly opened Café reports to use fresh and sustainable ingredients grown on McCormick Place’s own rooftop — including organic coffee —  and offers a variety of breakfast foods to go along with your morning joe, including hot breakfast croissants and fruit. Attendees appreciate the shorter waiting times 23rd Street offers, especially compared to the long lines at the nearby Starbucks. Find 23rd St. Café & Market on level 3 of B Hall at the Main Concourse.

Sip & Savor is a bit farther than the rest on this list, but definitely worth it if you have the time! About a 10 minute walk (located on S. Michigan and E. Cermak), attendees are able to quickly sneak away from the conference atmosphere and enjoy a quiet café. Serving up delicious coffees, teas, and pastries, Sip & Savor boasts a large menu of certified fair trade drinks. If you’re in the mood for a more complicated drink than drip coffee or an americano, then this coffee joint is a great choice. And, while it’s close to McCormick Place, the fact that it’s not inside makes the odds of extremely long lines less likely. Another plus? Sip & Savor will save you money as you won’t have to pay the “Conference Center Tax.”

Starbucks In Mccormick Place

Sometimes familiarity tastes the best- there are 3 locations of Starbucks in McCormick Place, making it pretty easy to access their famous (and familiar) coffees. You can expect long lines during the busiest hours — morning and lunch, but if you’re in dire need of one of their specialty drinks, the wait is probably worth it. However, along with long lines, attendees often complain of subpar customer service, unpredictable hours, and the fact these Starbucks locations don’t accept Starbucks rewards. Their 3 McCormick Place locations can be found in the concourse of the West Building, on level 2.5 of the South Building, and level 3 of the North Building.

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