Midway Airport Flyers Reject Restaurant Changes

July 1, 2017

On May 12th, Midway Airport began a 3-year, $75 million shopping and dining upgrade. Old favorites including McDonald’s, Potbelly’s, and Harry Caray’s were closed down.

They reached their first milestone on May 20th with the launch of some new eateries. More upscale, or at least more expensive, options have replaced them.

We hear plenty of opinions about the changes from our Midway Airport hotel guests. However, we’ll turn to what people are saying online to let you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Keep in mind, people are creatures of habit, so not every complaint now will still be a complaint one year later when new habits are formed.

Despite the following disappoints, you can read about the great new Midway Airport restaurant options here.

As you can read, people are seriously missing their quick and easy food options in the airport. McDonald’s and Potbelly’s were a dependable part of flyer’s transits, especially for quick breakfasts, and they will be missed.

Despite the complaints- and there will always be complaints- we have also heard positive things about the new Midway Airport restaurants here.


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