New Midway Restaurants – Opinions Are Out!

July 9, 2017

As most frequent travelers know by now, Midway Airport replaced its long-standing favorites – including McDonald’s, Potbelly, Harry Caray’s, Manny’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lalo’s – with more upscale (or is it just expensive?) options including Tabo Sushi, Go Go White Sox, Home Run Inn, and DeCOLORES Burrito Joint.

Coffee options have also faced a big change, and you can read here about coffee in Midway Airport. Note- there are some great coffee options in Midway Airport if you know where to find them!

Midway now offers three full-service, sit-down restaurants, up from one location that it used to have, some offering extensive wine menus.

Midway Airport’s 2017 Dining Options:

Cafe L’Appetito:

This authentic Chicago Italian restaurants has multiple locations across the city. It has plenty of great dining options that are equidistant between a nice sit-down meal and a fast food sandwich on the run. Prices, portions, and wait times should appease most travelers. (Midway Triangle Food Court)

Go-Go White Sox Grill:

This Southside brand nudges out Harry Caray’s Northside vibe. It serves breakfast, burgers, pizza, entrees, and more. Travelers report being more satisfied with breakfast than by the lackluster lunches and dinners. (Concourse B)


Travelers aren’t left hungry for breakfast since McDonald’s and Potbelly’s departure as this Mexican fast food outlet offers satisfying breakfast burritos for a quick and filling bite on the run. DeColores is local Mexican, from the heart of the Chicago Pilsen neighborhood. It offers everything you’d expect from chips and fresh guac, to burritos, tacos, and other quick and hearty Mexican bites. (Midway Triangle Food Court)

Home Run Inn Pizza:

Another South Side purveyor enters the Midway dining scene! Home Run Inn is a great place to grab a thick slice of Chicago-style pizza, or even a sandwich or salad. (Midway Triangle Food Court, B14 is grab-and-go)

Tabo Sushi:

Chef Takashi Yagihashi is everywhere these days, showcasing his foods in cities across America as well as on TV. His Tabo Sushi restaurant has two locations at Midway Airport serving his ever-yummy maki rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese favorites. Travelers opinion is still out. (Midway Triangle Food Court is his full restaurant, B14 is grab-and-go)


HVAC is a full-service restaurant with bar food, cocktails, and an extensive list of beers. They offer breakfast options. Best for travelers with time to spare as it is sit-down. (B5)

Tap & Pour:

A typical airport bar where one escapes the busyness of families and tourists, and gets internally lubricated with fellow business travelers as prep for the next flight. (B5)

True Burger Company:

They claim to offer “nothing but quality and healthy options including: Angus, Bison, Turkey, Salmon, and Veggie burgers.” Disappointing early reviews from travelers, especially from cost-conscious ones. (A5)

And, here are some holdovers from the past- the survivors of the major May 2017 restaurant shakeup.

Reilly’s Daughter:

This authentic Irish bar is tucked out the way, providing travelers a spot outside of the flow of travelers to do what the Irish do best- drink! Complaints are coming from regulars who have noted that management has changed, all of the staff has been replaced, and prices have doubled. Notice the huge drop in reviews for this old-time favorite that apparently has been ruined. (Midway Triangle Food Court)

Gold Coast Dogs:

Another holdover, and another source of recent quality complaints. Many are pleased with the authentic Chicago hot dogs- others complain about quality control and value issues. Many swear by their more fulfilling meals of Italian beef and the sausage sandwiches. (Midway Triangle Food Court)

Pegasus on the Fly:

Last but certainly not least, Pegasus is a Greek fast food place that leaves passengers on their toes, as they never can know what to expect in terms of service and food quality. Despite the unpredictable nature of their operation, it is still considered one of the most reliable value options at Midway Airport as $8 can get you filled up on a tasty gyro. They also have the gamut of spinach & feta pies, kabobs, Greek salad, and more. Their croissant sandwich breakfast is a favorite- and should satisfy everyone that depended on McDonald’s in the past. (Midway Triangle Food Court)

Find your restaurant of choice on this Midway Airport Restaurant Map.


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