No Need For Depresso: Midway Has Great Coffee!

July 10, 2017

Travelers have long been frustrated and disappointed with coffee options at Midway Airport. This is partially because Midway has always had limited options, but also, its best coffee has always been hard to find. Follow the biggest and brightest sign and you’ll end up at a place with mediocre coffee at best. Do your due diligence and great coffee has always been available.

There was a recent shakeup in the Midway Airport dining scene and, with that, some great new coffee options exist. So, don’t panic! We’ll get to them just after we visit some of the complaints of the past that dominate the Twittersphere.

But it wasn’t as despair as travelers made it out to be. Unknown to many was:

Yes, Intelligentsia, Chicago’s longstanding favorite local coffee roaster had a kiosk serving up its best stuff.

But things changed in a huge way at Midway Airport on May 20th of 2017… all but 4 of the food and beverage vendors changed over. And, the Intelligentsia kiosk was replaced by a… God forbid… Dunkin’ Donuts.

Passengers quickly jumped into problem-solving mode:

And, the brands began to respond:

Airport management jumped into the conversation:

It is good that airport management had a clear understanding that Dunkin Donuts is not worthy of being listed as a purveyor of “great” lattes.

No Starbucks, but who needs corporate coffee when we have two of Chicago’s best roasters available to give you the jitters!


Midway Triangle Food Court (just after security):

Dunkin Donuts
Cafe Espresso (run by the folks at & serving Big Shoulders Coffee)
Euro Cafe @ Hudson News (selling Intelligentsia Coffee– soy milk available)

Concourse A:

Dunkin’ Donuts

Concourse C:

Cafe Espresso (run by the folks at & serving Big Shoulders Coffee)

Baggage Claim:

Dunkin’ Donuts (reported- but not yet seen)

See the latest Midway Concessions Map here.

NOTE: Despite its city locations, Cafe L’Appetito does not offer coffee drinks beyond drip coffee using the airport’s standard brand, whatever that means.

Otherwise, keep in mind that there are two Starbucks just a few blocks away at:

6520 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
4701 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

Midway Airport Map available here.


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